Cancellation Policy

  • Thank you for choosing PURE Salon & Spa! We hold our staff to very high standards when doing every service. Below is our Cancellation Policy. Please read it over and sign it stating you have read and understood everything in our policy. If at any time you have a question regarding your service, pricing or experience, do not hesitate to contact your stylist or someone from our management team at 515-965-0034.

    Your appointments are very important to all members of our team at PURE Salon & Spa! Time allowed for an appointment is reserved especially for you. We do understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary: therefore, we respectfully request at least 24 hours’ notice for adjustments to your appointments and for cancellations, otherwise our 24-hour cancellation policy will be enforced. All our policies are designed to benefit our guests and provide the best quality and tradition of excellent service for our established and future clientele.

    • 1st Time Offense: PURE understands things can happen and come up! Your first time is an informative warning of what our cancellation policy is and how we go about any cancellations, reschedules, or no-shows! You will be given this Cancellation Policy Document to read and sign for your understanding!
    • 2nd Time Offense: PURE will require a credit/debit card to be put on file the next time you book your appointment with us. This credit card is kept on file in case of any repeat offenses.
    • 3rd Time Offense: PURE will charge your card on file 50% of the total service that was supposed to be given at the missed appointment.

    I have thoroughly read and understood everything outlined in PURE Salon & Spa’s Cancellation Policy. I am aware of all fees outlined in the policy and understand my card on file may be charged in the event I cancel, reschedule, or no-show my appointment. I agree to this policy and its contents and do not hold PURE liable in the event I am tardy, no-show, or must cancel my appointment.