Testimonial Test


Select a team member to read their story:

“I love having a flexible schedule that allows me to spend a lot of time with my family and friends. I also love the continuing education opportunities that are provided!”

– Ashley, Stylist


“What attracted me to PURE was the culture and team! I love that education is a priority, learning never ends – there is always ways to better your craft especially with the ongoing change of trends.”

– Lilly, manager/educator


“PURE has been a place where I have developed incredible friendships and have left each day feeling inspired about the beauty industry. I always have so much fun talking with our guests about their upcoming trips and taking photos of the stylists working around the salon!”

– Kiley, social media manager


“The reason I love PURE is because the environment is always uplifting. I love my coworkers as much as I love my job!”

– Kayla, stylist


“I like how quickly I was able to build my clientele. I also like how there are always opportunities for classes and education to better ourselves.”

– Karissa, stylist


“I sort of create my own schedule, we talked about what i days and times i was comfortable with and they played off of that.”

– Samra, stylist